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New Products Have Arrived!!

Posted by Greg on April 9, 2015

Great gear from Peak UK.  Jackets, Tow Lines, Predator Helmets,and PFD’s.

Along with a re stocking of Celtic paddles.  Crack and straight shafts, and 700 and 650 blades.

Can’t forget Snap Dragon spray decks to fit your NDK sea kayak.

Check out our on line store.


Oh, regarding our Scotland North Coast trip this year.  2 Spots left then we close the trip.  Think about it.

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Waveology’s 2 year Expedition Schedule.

Posted by Greg on November 17, 2014

As a NDK Expedition Center we do love to travel around.  Would you like to join us on any of these trips.  Drop and email or call us.

  • North Coast Of Scotland and the Orkney’s.  June 20th – 28th, 2015.  (Sign Ups Have Started.  See Calendar Listing for Additional details)
  • Remote Orkneys
  • Baja Mexico, Sea Of Cortez.  January 29th -February 7th, 2016.
  • The Faroe Islands.  June 2016,

We will also manage to slip in a few local expedition trips as well.  Places in Down East Maine and the Canadian Maritimes (Grand Manan).

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Autumn Gales 2014. October 10 – 12th. Was A Cracking Good Time Had By All.!!!

Posted by Greg on April 10, 2014

The 6th year of the Autumn Gales was the biggest yet!

Check out this video!!  A great master piece brought to you by our good friend Ofer Cohen from the South shore of LIS.

A slide tribute to all the great paddlers that help make the Autumn Gales keep happening.


And this Slide Show link!!  Another good friend on the North Shore of LIS, Dave Granger


 Thank you all for keeping the traditional New England rough water paddling event alive.  The archives suggest this all started with the Rough Water Invitational over 10 years ago.  Keeping it alive as another Autumn Gales wraps up.

So again, we did hit our saying “A Bit Of A Sea On”  as all of our participants had just the right conditions to keep there learning process fun and exciting, with the watchful eye of Kayak Waveology’s  BCU local and guest international coaches.  Yes, there is a story behind each years “saying”.  This comes about, as we travel around the world paddling during the early season.  We keep our ears open to sayings about the sea that the locals have about an approaching weather system.

The 7th Autumn Gales is already scheduled for 2015.  The dates are October 28th – November 1st, 2015. Yes spring tides again, with both tide flows.   With BCU 4 and 5 star program and the main Tide Race event.  


Big thanks go out to all the Rough Water Coaches and Guides who worked the event this year.

BCU Coaches:  Nigel Dennis (SKUK), Phil Clegg (Sea Kayaking Anglesey), Elia Wilkinson (SKUK), Harry Whelan (Kayaking London), Greg Paquin (Wavelology), and Paula Riegel (Waveology).

Waveology Guides:  Nick, Jon, Tim, Steve, Drew, Glenn, Carl, Dave, Andrea’ and James.

Photographers: Carl T, Dave  G. Jan (Archie), and Ofer C.



Are You Ready???

a bit of a sea on

Video from last year showing all the fun we’re having!


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We’re Back, But Really Missing The Scottish Outer Hebrides.

Posted by Greg on April 6, 2013

Well, the Hebrides crew is back and already packing up for the next adventure Down East into the Canadian Martimes.  But we are seriously missing the Outer Hebrides.  Here are some cool shots from the Expedition adventure.


This diagram shows how the Gulf Stream currents flow.




The Wall

St Kilda's One Of Many Caves

St Kilda’s One Of Many Caves

Home?  I think I could Build One

Home? I think I could Build One


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Baja Trip – Punta Banda Peninsula

Posted by Greg on February 17, 2013


Back in early January, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with Jen Kleck (Aqua Adventures) and newly met paddling friends – Andrea, Chris, Dan, Tony and Victor down in Baja.  For those not familiar with Jen, she holds the distinction of being the first North American to obtain the BCU Coach 5 award.  And that’s in addition to being an all out fantastic person.


The area we paddled in, along the Punta Banda Peninsula (Victor’s backyard), and out to Isla Todos Santos, has amazing rock gardening, sea caves, and a ton of wildlife and including whales!   In April, Jen and Victor are hosting the 1st Baja Kayak Fest.  Check out the event here  and slide show of the area which includes photos from the trip.

Definitely a bucket list place for every kayaker!

Peace & Cheers, Paula

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