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2013 spring Boat Barn

Not happy with how your current craft is handling in the rough water? Thinking of a change back to the gold standard? Well that would be NDK.

Whether you like the surf zone, rock hopping, working in tide races, or taking long expeditions. These are the boats that really do it all!

The boat images below are to give you the color scheme only. If you want to put your name on one, just email me at coach@kayakwaveology.com


2018 Romany Classic 

Red / Black/ Sulfur Yellow.  Wire skeg.  Extras, deck pump recess.




2018 Pilgrim 

Traffic Blue / Light Green / White. Wire Skeg.




2018 Pilgrim Expedition 

Black / Black / Red.  Wire skeg.  Extras, full Black keel strip.








2018 Explorer 

Red/ Yellow / Red.  Deck line Yellow, wire skeg.  Extras, deck pump recess.




2017 Explorer HV, (high deck)

Pure Orange/ Quill/ Silver Gray.  Wire skeg.  Extras, full keel strip and deck pump recess.





2017 Latitude (New Design)


British Racing Green / Yellow /White.  Wire Skeg.  Extras:  Custom art work, yellow/black longitudinal stripes on the deck.

$4,280.00 .00


2017 Latitude (New Design)

Teal /White/ Lt Gray.  Wire Skeg



2014 Explorer.

Dark Blue/Black/White. Wire Skeg.

  $3,8000.00 sale


Marine Blue Explorer


Rotomold NDK's

Romany Sport, RM and the New Sportive

2018 Romany RM Sport.  Green with Red Combing and seat.  Wire Skeg.



2018 Romany RM Sportive (New Design).  Red with Black combing and seat.  Wire Skeg.




2018 Romany RM Sportive (New Design).  Blue with White combing and seat.  Wire skeg.



 Demo Fleet Kayaks.  All boats are top quality condition.

2016 Romany Surf

White/ Red/ Black.  Wire skeg.  Extras: Black Keel Strip

Guides Boat Demo $2,500.00

2017 Romany Surf
Black / Yellow /White.  Wire skeg.  Extras: Pump recess and Yellow longitudinal stripe in top deck.

Guides Boat Demo $2,800.00

2015 Romany Classic

White/Yellow/White. Wire skeg.

Guides Boat Demo  $2,300.00


Romany Classic

 2012 Pilgrim Expedition

White/ Black/ White.  50/50 lay up, rope skeg, black keel strip, short key hole combing.

Guides Demo Boat.  Price $2,400.00




 2012 Explorer

 Nite Blue/Red/Lt Gray. Rope Skeg and Recessed Pump.

Guides Boat Expedition Demo $2,300.00 

Nite Blue Explorer
 Older Explorer. Quill/ Black/ Quill. Quill keel strip, older rope skeg, set up for a deck mounted tow system. New performance seat installed and deck riggings replaced. Used but in excellent condition.
Older Explorer year 2004
White/ Black/ White.  Wire skeg, new performance seat installed.  used but in great condition.
As with all
of our boats, we
do custom fit up for all customers.