NDK Expedition Center & International Travels

We are proud of the fact we have been named an NDK Expedition Center in North America.

Even though we are in an urban area, Southern New England USA.  Our operation has the attributes of true expedition training, as we are located in one of the few area's in the USA that has tide.  (Tidal flow)   Along with our ability and experience to travel to far reaches of the world to explore some new paddling grounds and culture.

We will be establishing soon personal proficiency SKUK awards for expedition participants.  As a means of measure  to make sure your skills match the expeditions location and objectives.

Just some of the places we have traveled too for exploration.  Places like Southern Chile Magellan's Patagonia regions, The Outer Hebrides of  Scotland,  North Wales Anglesey, The Isle Of Man, Canadian Maritimes, Pacific North West, Costa Brava Spain, Baja Mexico, South West Coast of Ireland.  The list keeps growing.

For 2019.  We have the North West of Ireland or the Shetland Islands Scotland scheduled.  See the calendar schedule of events for additional information.

Chile. Southern Patagonia Ice Fields

Scotland's North Coast

Baja. Sea Of Cortez

SW Ireland. Skellig Michael