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British Canoeing is the most recognized and respected paddle sport coaching and awarding system in the world.  Kayak Waveology’s coaches and visiting coaches are BCU and UKCC Level 3 trained professionals.

Assessments are great tools to measure your abilities at different levels of your paddle sport development.  Students can effectively set goals, gain a clear understanding of required skills, and creates a clear pathway to motivate your future.

This 2018 season Kayak Waveology will offering BCU Training and Assessments from 2 -3 Star and Sea Kayak Leader and Advanced Leadership awards.  Advanced trainings and assessments will be posted on our web site as well as on Paddle Sports North America's events calendar.

Other BC courses like Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning and Open Water Navigation will be running in 2018 as well.  These courses are prerequisites for the BC Sea Leader and Advanced Sea Leader awards.

From time to time through out the paddling season we have visiting BCU coaches from the UK and Europe visiting and helping running higher level BCU courses.  Coaches like Nigel Dennis BCU national Trainer Assessor A 5, Keirron Tastagh Coach 5, Phil Clegg Coach 5, Axle Shchoevers Coach 4, Peter Jones Coach 4, Dale Williams Coach 5 asprint ACA L5 ITE.  Most or if not all of these top coaches will be at the 10th Autumn Gales, November 2-9, 2018.

Please keep an eye out for our schedule of BC courses on our calendar.

Even if you have taken some of our “Free Form” courses, you have been exposed to the BC and BCU methods of coaching.   Our courses have been sot after as your benchmark to build those unshakable solid base of foundation skills that will only underpin your performance in rough water. If you are an open minded learner who likes challenges, BC pathways will only accelerate your mastery of this great sport.

As of recent the British Canoe Union has dropped the Union, and now is known as British Canoeing  (BC).  Our home nation information about British Canoeing in North America is called Paddle Sports North America, PNA.  There web site is