British Canoeing 3 Star Sea

British Canoeing,   3 Star Sea Training & Assessment

The BC  3 Star Sea award is suitable for paddlers who wish to have the skills and knowledge to be a competent member of a led sea kayaking group in moderate sea conditions with winds less than force 3.

This course also will help build those unshakably solid base of foundation skills that will underpin your future performance in rough water and for the next level of BC work you decide to do.  It advisable to complete the BC 2 Star award prior to 3 Star Sea, as it secures your foundational skills.

The nature of the assessment is that of a continuous evaluation through out a suitable days paddle.  Watching to see that strokes are executed effectively in mild conditions to the BC standards with a firm commitment to owning your strokes, properly controlling your boat, rescues / towing, and the strong beginnings of understanding your environment in which you are journeying in.

It is also an appropriate level of performance for paddlers to begin working towards the BC Sea Kayak Leader Award. (Old 4 Star Sea Leader)

The course can either be done as a one day assessment, if you feel you are at the standard, or alternatively a two day course. The two day course provides an initial day of refining and refreshing / refining your sea kayaking skills.

The BC current syllabus and guidance notes can be found on the Paddle Sports North America web site


Course Cost $150.00/pp