BCU 4 Star Sea Leader, Training and Assessment

BCU 4 Star leader Training and the Assessment

The BCU 4 Star leader award is designed to get you thinking as a leader on and off the water.  Successful performance at this level also indicate that the candidate has the personal skill level and leadership ability required to judge the conditions and the standard of the group and make appropriate decisions about the planned route, along with the thought process and action to modify plans as required.

Perform competently practical skills in force 4/5 winds and sea state 4 in a moderate tidal water environment and be capably of paddling 15/20 miles in 3 Star conditions.  This is not a coaching award, but rather a leadership award and is not suitable to introduce beginners to the sport.

4 Star leader Training and the Assessment both are 2 day courses and are run separately.


  • For the 4 Star Training course, candidates need to hold the New BCU 3 Star award in the desired discipline.
  • For the 4 Star Assessment course, candidates need to have taken the 4 Star Training course with in the last 3 years and the Coastal navigation course.

The current syllabus and guidance notes for the BCU 4 Star Leader award can be found on the PNA and BC UK web sites.  The BC current syllabus and guidance notes can be found on the Paddle Sports North America web site  www.paddlesportsnorthamerica.com


  • Candidates wishing to attend a BCU 4 Star Assessment with Kayak Waveology need to have registered LR form in place with there home nation.   This form can be down loaded from PNA's web site.  www.paddlesportsnorthamerica.org



Course Cost $300.00/pp


BCU 4 Star leader Training, Sea Kayak Course in Connecticut







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