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Coastal Navigation Course in CT

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At various times through out the season we offer on water practical and off water class room theory based  sea kayaking specific navigation courses.  BCU Navigation courses and on water experience are prerequisites for BCU 4 and 5 Star courses.  These BCU safety courses courses are called  Coastal Navigation and Open Water Navigation.  So keep an eye out on our calendar for these courses.

For this practical on water course.  - includes a review of detail chart reading, course plotting, set and drift calculations,  piloting & dead reckoning, transits and ranges, understanding marine forecasts and their effect on the sea state.  Then heading to do it for real.  The majority of the course will focus on practical, on water navigation.  Figure out what methods work and those which don’t while in your kayak.  For those with the daytime basics down, this course can also be geared towards low visibility navigation - fog or night paddling.

A must do course to get ready for BCU 4 and 5 star as well as ACA level 5 or Expedition Training.

Sea Kayak Navigation Course in Connecticut

Exploring night nav for the first time.

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