(Updated) Intro Tide Race Training

Kayaking in Connecticut - Tide Race Training

The introduction to Tide Races and Over falls which involves moving water with small standing waves running around  or over an obstruction.  Is a great way to take all your shore break surfing knowledge, rock hopping knowledge, boat handling skills, and leadership, along with rescues knowledge.  Then apply it for real.

The act of blending proper paddling strokes, developing your body's balance to edge and lean your boat, and apply the timing of it all.  To get your mind around the what's happening will greatly help your ability to pick up surfing in tide races and start enjoying the environment that can be so exciting.

Intro means to start out small and work your way up.

Learn the basic understanding of water flow and how to read water.  Skills such as breaking in and out of eddies, crossing eddy lines with proper edge control, ferry glides,  setting ferry angles for long crossings, and the thought after surfing skills.  Rescue techniques and rolling skills in current can also be explored and practiced. Locations can range from CT, MA, RI, and NH.

Photo No. 1.  Feeling comfortable and getting use the surroundings.

kayaking connecticut intro to races

sea kayaking courses tide races

Photo No2.  Learning control and how to move about.