(Updated) Advanced Tide Race Surfing Training

Knowing how to surf in tide races and over falls draws on a multiple array of information from your senses and knowledge of sea.  The best of Technical, Tactical, Physiological, and Physical (TTPP) attributes all get applied in this environment.

Hence, this is why in all of our Kayak Waveology preceding  courses we are building your TTPP up and up.  Because the ultimate fun and thrill is to surf effortlessly and guide along in complete control of your actions.  To do this, it does take work, time in the saddle, and some good solid coaching.  That's what we are here to do.

These courses take place in areas of Tide races and Over Falls in and around the Eastern reaches of Long Island and Fishers Island Sounds.

Open water tidal planning is in full swing for this course.



Photo No 1.  Staying in control and thinking about your next move.  (Physiological)

Jan Bloch Photography

Photo No. 2.  Being at the best spot to maximize your moves, and look around and see seals surfing with you.  We can really watch these guys surf and learn from this little guys. ( Technical and Tactical)

IOM and Surfing Seal

Photo No 3.  The catch and learning how to wind mill your paddle stroke to get on the waves you want to be on.  (Physical)

Jan Bloch Photography