Surf 3, Advance Techniques

Sea Kayaking Courses CT - Advance Surf Zone Training

Surf Kayak Advance Surf Zone TrainingSurf Zone Training with Kayak

Free form surf training is a course design to work on your specific goals in the surf zone.  Using hybrid stroke combinations and specific long boat surfing techniques to get you surfing like a pro.

Prerequisites:  BCU  3 Star Sea, Surf 1 and 2, Tidal 1 and 2, or ACA skills Level 4.

So lets be real about this.  It takes a good amount of training, practice, and time in the saddle (boat) to be comfortable in the big water.  But that's why you come training, right?  Even the Big Dogs pick there days and venues very carefully, but you will most certainly find us out there as the summer tropical storms approach and pass by.

It wouldn't be wise to be on the exposed coast with out some major obstruction or head land to break up the oceans wave energy.  Around the tropical storms you might find us in places like the K's, (K38,39) and or Little Narragansett Bay.  Both of these venues lend them selves to reforming waves, that are long smooth controllable surfing runs on a long boat.

Kayak Surfing
So these courses are the hardest to plan for, but we run a good amount of these through out the season.  So if your a Big Dog and wanting to get off the porch and into some good waters, pay attention to the calender course offerings.  This level of course will be posted a few days out ahead of a storm.