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Nigel Dennis put the ND in kayak, NDK (Nigel Dennis Kayaks) and or Sea Kayak UK (SKUK) are made in Anglesey North Wales UK under the direction of BCU Coach and world level expeditioner, Nigel Dennis. Nigel has encircled Cape Horn, the United Kingdom, Easter Island and journeyed in Antarctica and Points North. NDK sea kayaks are renowned for their rough water handling, solid secondary stability, superb fit and durable construction. We have logged thousands of hours in these boats and prefer them for nearly every situation we encounter. Model families include Romany, Explorer, Pilgrim, Greenlander Pro, and the Triton II double. With the exception of the Triton II, all NDK boats are available in four layups: Standard, Elite , Carbon/Kevlar, and now the 50/50 layup.

So why buy your sea kayak from Kayak Waveology?  Here's Five reason to do so.

  • We continue the Quality Assurance here in our shop before the sale.
  • We pressure test all boats to make sure no leaks are found before we sell to you.
  • We are a certified repair shop fix any small blemishes , imperfections, as well as major damage after a hard days play.
  • We help fit the proper boat to you and your type of sea paddling.
  • Finally, we paddle what we sell, and nothing less.  We use them hard in many sea conditions.  It's simple, NDK's just hold up and perform the best!

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