NDK Romany Classic

The ROMANY Classic is a short, responsive, stable kayak both empty and loaded, excellent in following seas. Its super keyhole cockpit offers great fit for smaller to average size paddlers and allows for those with wider hips. The Romany tracks very well for its length; the high volume bow reduces plunging into waves. The maneuverability allows for good control in surf. Its comfort in rough water gives the paddler great confidence. One of the easiest rolling boats we know of. The Romany 16 was the first NDK kayak and was originally designed as Nigel’s school boat, its broad function and high secondary stability makes it one of our favorite all around sea kayaks for day paddling, short trips, playing and instructing

Dimensions: 16’ x 21.5". Cockpit: 32” x 15.5”. Weight: 54 lbs standard

From big water too

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