Paula Riegel

Great Paula Shot

Paula's current credentials

BCU 5 Star Leader.  Isle Of Man, 2013

BCU New 4 Star Leader.   Anglesey N. Wales, 2011

BCU Coach 2, Transferring to UKCC L2

Registered Maine Guide

ACA L 5,  Advanced Water Instructor.  2015

ACA L 4, Open Water Instructor, since 2006

ACA Adaptive Paddling Instructor

Paula is quite at home playing in the surf zones, and is very proficient at it, you usually here some hooting when she hit the sweet spot on a good wave while surfs in control.  She has grace and style as an up an coming BCU coach, says coaches from Anglesey N. Wales.

She is a prime example of not using brute strength, but rather skill and technique, which speaks to the female and male paddlers alike.

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