Pro Range, Celtic Paddles. ( 4 Piece Paddles)

Celtic Paddles

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Southern Patagonia Expedition







The Celtic Pro Range is intended for sea kayak touring.  They are very expedition worthy and uses range to include surfing and paddling in tide races and over falls.  The Pro Range beautifully made paddle with a rich heritage, and  is designed for the intermediate to advanced paddler looking for a reliable, strong, with a good amount of flex, while being an efficient paddle that handles well in high winds and rough seas.

The blades have an excellent feel in the water.  Strong and powerful initial catch, then moves smoothly through the water with no flutter.  The back face has a very strong and trusted feel to it, and  is solid with braces and sliding braces on the move.

The Best Water catch on the market

Celtic paddles are Pressed Blade Construction







Celtic Lever Lock

Celtic Paddle Lever Lock Center Joint




What we have in stock now are, all Kenetik 700 and 650 blade shapes, standard diameter straight and modified crank shafts, all in carbon pressed blades and rolled tube shafts.  2 piece paddles with level lock coupler.  Paddle lengths are adjustable from 208 Cm - 218 Cm.

We also have the new Narrow Shaft with 650 blades for smaller hands.  Narrow shafts will only be straight shafts with 650 blade shapes.

Prices:  All carbon Straight shafts $400.00/ea.  All carbon Mod. Crank shafts $525.00/ea.

Out of stock at the moment.  Check back soon.

We can order other blade shapes like.

  • 750
  • 700
  • 650
  • Reef 750 (Surf Blade)
  • Nordcapp
  • Archipelago (New but Old Blade Shape)

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