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Designed to be used by sea kayak guides, leaders & coaches as a waist mounted towline. It has a main tow line of 14metres and also a second ultra short contact towline.

The main towline is 14m when fully deployed and the connector is stowed on the left hand belt loop. To use unzip the bag and unclip the connector and clip to the casualty boat. Make sure the bag is behind your waist and that the quick release belt is positioned in front to access in an emergency. Paddle away & the line will deploy out of the bag.

The 14metre towline is made of 19mm floating tape or 14 metre  7mm floating line connected back to a stainless ring & elastic webbing which is anchored to a central pivot point inside the bag by a small stainless ring. This ring connects directly to the main belt which is folded within the bag & continuous through the bag and out to be the waist belt.

The main tow can be reduced to a 7metre tow by threading the line through the casualty boat and back to the bag to clip onto the large stainless ring; by doing this the tow is kept balanced & all the tension directed back to the main pivot point & all tension passes through the elastic shock webbing.  Have a watch of this Whetman video clip.


The Ultra Short second tow is a short length of webbing connected to the central pivot point inside the bag & it exits the bag underneath the bag out of a drain hole. To deploy simply unclip the right hand connector and attach to the casualty boat. There is no need to unzip the bag.

The bag contains two hard floats to give positive buoyancy if dropped in the water. The bag material is waterproof and so does not absorb water & become heavy. The size of the bag is generous to ensure ease of repacking the line. To repack slacken off the belt & rotate the bag to sit on your spray deck; it should now sit forward of your PFD. The top will naturally stay open. Paddle away from the line to straighten it out and trail it over your shoulder. Pull the line down from your shoulder into the bag.

The 50mm wide belt has a cam buckle release & toggle. There is a slider to allow adjustment of the buckle position to be set central to your waist.

practice makes perfect, to be proficient practice deploying the device & repacking on the water.

Sea Guide Tow:  Floating line with webbing end option.





Sea Guide Tow:  All webbing option. 







Sea Guide Tow:  All Line option (left side of picture).  The line is sewn back on it's self, then rigging taped.

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