Boat & Paddle Repair Service

Composite Boat Repair in Connecticut

We can fix almost any composite kayak repair.  From major damage, holes, to leaky hatches ,and skeg issues.  Even the old modification to fit a compass well into and 20 year old NDK Romany.  Refitting of bulkheads and after market keel strips for extra protection, and installation of the New NDK movable bucket seats that now come in all new NDK boats.  So if you now have back problems from that hand made foam seat, then this a great and helpful option.

We get all sorts of interesting projects in the shop.  The winter months are best to handle your tougher projects.

Video of the installation of the New NDK retrofit seats.  We have a bunch in stock.

***Major brands we are approved to do work on.  NDK, Valley, Rock Pool, Tide Race, and Valley.


***Full repair kit for those older and great Lendal Paddles pad lock system.  Hang on the your older Lendal's and fix them.


***We also have a boat fitting service in house.  Where the custom wood shop tools come in handy for shaping all sorts of closed cell foam sizes to fit you properly in your boat.

Email or call for quotes.  Will need to look at the job first prior to quoting.  You can even send us photo's and we can work off that most times.  Our hourly labor rates are $60.00/hr + Material Cost.

Email; Phone 860-304-4000

Composite Boat Repair in Connecticut

The shop

Positive Pressure Test Plug

Older years NDK Skeg Slider Modifications IMG_20140417_194211_963


Hatch Rim Replacements

Hatch Rim Replacements






New Keel Strip For An Old Romany NDK.











Big Foot Modifications.  For Big Foot







New Compass well installation in a 20 year old NDK Romany.

New compass WellMoldCut Out